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Phacoemulsifiers: For a High-Functioning Operating Room

Surgical Centers that depend on phacoemulsfier systems turn to ISI for fast, high-quality handpiece repairs. We deliver unmatched services that extend the life of your phacoemulsifer handpiece, all at a price far lower than the manufacturers.

Manufacturers we service include:

Obtain an Estimate

Upon arrival, one of our technicians will inspect your handpiece and make note of any and all defects. An estimate will then be provided with a list of corrective actions. Our repair technicians are available and happy to explain the repairs needed in whatever detail is required to make our customers feel comfortable moving forward.

Repair Process

Once you approve the estimate and provide a PO, a technician will begin the detailed repair process using only the highest quality parts available. Your handpiece must pass a rigorous final inspection before it is returned to you, usually in a few days depending on the necessary repairs.

Don’t get PHACED out by the others; turn to ISI for your repairs.

Simply fill out a “Repair Request Form” and send along with your phacoemulsifier handpiece to or give us a call:

Instrument Specialists, Inc.
32390 IH-10 West
Boerne, TX 78006
(800) 537-1945

Our technicians and management team are always available to answer questions or discuss what’s best for your phacoemulsifiers.
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EndoTerg, ISI’s low-foaming enzymatic detergent for flexible endoscopes is perfect for your scope processing needs. EndoTerg breaks down dried blood, mucous, and other organic matter on flexible endoscopes without leaving a soapy residue. Designed specifically for flexible scopes, EndoTerg provides thorough yet gentle cleaning.

  • Bacteriostatic and free-rinsing
  • Removes organic matter safely and effectively
  • Concentrated formula makes 128 to 1280 gallons of solution
  • Safe for plastic, rubber, metal
  • Available in various package sizes