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Certifications: Evidence of Our Commitment

When we say our services meet the highest quality standards, those aren’t just words. We have two certifications that demonstrate the great lengths our technicians go to in ensuring that you always receive quality services:

ISO 13485:2003 — This certification indicates that we apply our quality management system in a way that enhances customer satisfaction and continually improves to better meet customer desires and regulatory requirements.
HUB, Texas Historically Underutilized Business Certificate
Directive 93/42/EEC
WOSB, Woman Owned Small Business Certificate
In addition to our certifications, we are registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).



EndoTerg, ISI’s low-foaming enzymatic detergent for flexible endoscopes is perfect for your scope processing needs. EndoTerg breaks down dried blood, mucous, and other organic matter on flexible endoscopes without leaving a soapy residue. Designed specifically for flexible scopes, EndoTerg provides thorough yet gentle cleaning.

  • Bacteriostatic and free-rinsing
  • Removes organic matter safely and effectively
  • Concentrated formula makes 128 to 1280 gallons of solution
  • Safe for plastic, rubber, metal
  • Available in various package sizes